Roundup: Washington DC’s Binge Drinkers; Today Show TV Ratings Skyrocket; & Katherine McPhee, Wedding Crasher

Martha Hunt, a supermodel … Seven years later, there’s been an arrest in the murder of Lorenzen Wright … the price of Christmas Trees is going up, and here’s whyMatt Lauer’s firing was good for the Today Show in the ratings department … fascinating read about why Dollar General stores are dominating rural America … “St. Louis Youth Chastised for Entrepreneurial Mindsets” … I’ll watch Margot Robbie in anything, so yes, I’ll see her new Tonya Harding movie … a top 50 list of albums from 2017Katherine McPhee went on a vacation to Mexico, wore a bikini at the pool, crashed a wedding, and allegedly told off the bride … “Oblique Earthquake-Proof Bookshelf Doubles as a Climbing Wall” … terribly sad story about a girl who was abducted and kept as a slave for four years

Here is a list of the highest-rated college football games for the 2017 season. [Sports Media Watch]

Sean Miller got a big win when he needed it. Obviously, it’s not March. Arizona 67, Texas A&M 64. [Tucson Daily Star]

Washington DC has the highest percentage of binge drinkers. [WUSA9]

Eight people are running for US Soccer President. [NYT]

Last week we linked the Ben Shapiro profile in the New York Times; here’s the push back. [Current Affairs]

My podcast: Why the College Football Playoff should add more teams, and in life, you’ve gotta have a backup plan or two. The Tennessee Vols clearly didn’t. [Fox Sports Radio]

DeAndre Jordan signed an agent. Given who his agent has worked with in the past, does it mean he’s getting traded to the Bucks or the Cavs? [Hoops Hype]

Bradley Beal scored 51 points to beat the Blazers in Portland.



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